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HR Management

HR Management

HR Management

Today, when customers are asking hard questions about the internal corporate practices behind the products they buy, we feel confident in stating these open secrets.

Child Labour
We strictly emphasize on not inducting anyone below the age of 18 so that we could fully comply with any international labour standards.

Health & Safety
we ensure safe and healthy working environment, including the availability of potable water, restroom facilities, applicable safety equipment and necessary training for emergency preparedness.

Medical Clinic
We have established a medical clinic at the project to relieve people of minor ailments and sickness. A registered medical practitioner maintains the clinic, and essential medicines for minor ailments are available, free of charge, for our workers

Equality Policy
There is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender or political affiliation. Corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal abuse of workers is strictly forbidden at our project.

Provision is granted for a maximum 48-hour work week, with a minimum one day off per week, and a cap of 12 hours overtime per week remunerated at a premium rate. The wages paid here, meet all minimum legal standards and provide sufficient income for basic needs.

All workers, regardless of job, rank or level are provided free housing. This has a positive impact on our workforce turnover, and we are proud to say that our labour turnover is amongst the lowest of all our competitors. This definitely has a very positive impact on the quality of our yarn and fabric as well.

We have a fully maintained workers colony that consists of bachelors’ quarters, family apartments, executive accommodation and managers’ bungalows. A mini-market is also set up inside the colony to fulfill the everyday needs of all the workers.

Subsidized Canteens
All the units have a subsidized canteen that provides good quality and affordable meals for the workforce. The management ensures the quality of this food and checks from time to time

Guest House
A fully furnished Guest House is also set up at the project. Throughout the year, we have a lot of customers and other distinguished guests visiting the project. They are all entertained at the Guest House. During the times of expansions, it provides an ideal accommodation for the machinery erectors as well.

Workers are provided with monetary aid and grants if they are faced with a critical emergency or a serious personal dilemma and are unable to provide themselves with the necessary financial means in the required amount of time

Social Activities
Annual Workers Dinner is regularly held in the green lawns of the project. All the workers are provided free Iftar (fast-breaking meal) and refreshing drinks during the holy month of Ramadan

Different types of Sports events, competitions and trips to recreational places continue to add colour to the life at Ghazi Fabrics