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Ghazi Fabrics

One Of The Leaders in Textile

Ghazi Fabrics International Limited was set up as a vertically composite unit as the first of its kind and scale in Pakistan.

Vision Statement

A modern dynamic industrial unit, which is a true model of socially responsible and professionally managed successful business enterprises.

Mission Statement

Ghazi Fabrics International Ltd. strives to excel in the global competitive environment as the most progressive and quality- oriented company in terms of industry benchmarks, profitability and stake holder interest.

Ghazi Fabrics

Our Fabric Material Will Build Your Trust

Over the years, we have established our “PANTHER” brand as a top quality yarn in the Far East and European markets. We produce A-grade PC (Poly Cotton) and CVC (Chief Value Cotton) yarns throughout the year in different blend ratios. We can produce carded as well as combed yarns, both for weaving and hosiery.
PC (Poly Cotton)
CVC (Chief Value Cotton)

The Textile, Product, And Apparel Manufacturing Industries.

We have also been experimenting with different fibers such as modal, acrylic and nylon from time to time and have conducted extensive sampling for our buyers.