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Weaving Unit

In our weaving mill, we have replaced all our old PICANOL machines with brand new TOYOTA machines (*narrow width 192 Toyota air jet looms), which run at high speeds and give us a wide range of weavability and choice.
Our new machines are equipped with dobby’s, thereby making us very versatile and allowing us to present our customers with all sorts of designs and high-end fabrics from basic twills, drills, poplins, satins and sateens up to high thread count fine qualities.
We can produce all sorts of fabric – from bull denim to T-600 qualities. We take great pride in also being a top quality fabric producer for apparel and work-wear.
We are in the process of adding a new warping and sizing machinery, which will enhance our back-process and aid our aggressive extension plans in the near future.
Recently we have also added selvedge writing attachments for customers who want their name/ monogram on the selvedge.



We have two Zell Benninger machines.


We have two sizing machines, one wider width machine which can handle Upto 340cm and the other one can handle 260cm beams.

Drawing / knotting

Here we draw patterns for required fabric construction.

Loom shed

We have 192 narrow width Toyota Airjet machines which can cater any type of weave.

Inspection / folding / packing

We have a team of trained fabric inspectors to check 100% fabric produced. We have all the option available for the buyers to choose for their product packing such as

Roll on tube

(i) we can produced roll dia upto 1200mm
(ii) Bale packing
(iii) Pallet packing